A time might come in the life of your loved one when you will notice that their health and wellness are deteriorating. In addition, it will become increasingly hard to take care of their needs and clean up after them. On the other hand, the conversation about moving into a facility is challenging because not everyone will be receptive to the idea. That said, you should know that how you tackle it will determine the likelihood of success. Here are three tips to help you convince your parent to make the transition.

Plant the Seed Instead of Dropping the Bombshell

You will face a lot of resistance when you tell your parent you have decided that they should move into an assisted living facility. So instead of a direct and abrupt approach, you should slowly and carefully introduce the idea. Hence, start talking to them about the chances of getting into one of the facilities later. More so, discuss the benefits of the centers compared to aging in the home. This way, you can create a positive dialogue that makes them feel like they will be in charge of making the final decision instead of you deciding it for them. More importantly, the key to planting the seed is showing them great programs and the possibility to age with grace, surrounded by peers and with all the support they might need.

Allow Teachable Moments to Present Themselves

It is best to float the idea of assisted care when your loved one needs it the most. For example, if your mom fell and got hurt while trying to move down the stairs, you can gently help her with the injury and float the idea of assisted living. You can also talk to them about the facility if they forget their chores, which leads to water spills, burnt food, and other minor incidents in the home. In addition, you can present the idea when they can no longer easily move around to cater to their everyday needs and are already missing meals.

Take Them on a Tour

It is also crucial for your loved one to stop thinking about assisted living as an abstract concept and see it as an actual place where people spend their sunset years. So, set time aside and take them on a tour of one of the recommended facilities close to you. Note that a tour of the place helps them see that they are warm and receptive instead of an enclosed space far from friends and loved ones.

These simple steps will simplify enrolling your loved one in an assisted living facility. Start by choosing an excellent facility close to you and slowly guide your loved one on their journey.

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