Many people may overlook planning for their later years, but it's a critical consideration. For example, your parents may be living independently at the moment, but for most cases, there will come a time when they need help with day-to-day activities. While you may want the best for your senior, sometimes it can be difficult to know when to provide extra assistance. This is why it's essential to learn the signs you should watch out for. If you have daily commitments and don't have the time to offer help, you shouldn't fret about it. The good news is that you can rely on a reputable home health care agency to get started. Read on to discover the signs your older adult needs home health care. 

Personality and Appearance Changes

Do you notice recent changes in your senior's appearance and personality? For example, issues like excessive weight loss or gain, poor diet, personal hygiene, and wearing dirty clothes may signal a shift in mental or physical status. It can also show a decline in your loved one's functional abilities. It could be a strong indicator your loved one needs extra assistance at home. 

Depression, loneliness, and other personality changes such as isolation, lack of interest in hobbies, sharp mood swings, and social disconnection are issues you shouldn't overlook. If you notice them with your loved one, you want to ensure they get proper home health care. 

Challenge Following Doctor's Orders or Managing Medications

Neglecting or mismanaging prescribed medications can lead to severe cognitive and medical consequences. This is why it's critical to check your senior's medications to see if they are taking them as per the instructions. Also, check whether your loved one has expired medication. Typically, the primary health care provider offers an aftercare summary with particular instructions. If your senior isn't following these instructions, this should be a cause of alarm. In such a situation, you want to consult a home health care agency for help. The people working these services will help ensure this doesn't worsen. 

Increased Accidents

If a senior has a mental or physical illness, chances are you'll notice increased accidents around the house. These may include slip and fall, tripping, and other, bigger accidents. Such incidences can compromise your loved one's physical health and shouldn't be ignored. It also means they'll have a difficult time managing their daily activities. With a reliable home health care provider, you can rest assured of your loved one's safety. Proper assistance will minimize accidents, whether in the house or outside. 

The health of your senior is vital and shouldn't be compromised. If you want your loved ones to live a happy life as they age, ensure you hire a local home health care agency for assistance.