Having a parent who starts exhibiting signs of Alzheimer's disease can make you feel like your world is being turned upside down. While you may be able to help care for them for a little bit, if things progress with their disease, you may need the help of an Alzheimer's care center. When your parent goes to an Alzheimer's center, they can participate in cognitive therapy, community outings, and games, and you can ensure they are getting the medical care and attention that they need. 

Cognitive therapy

Cognitive therapy can help an Alzheimer's patient. Different types of cognitive therapy include things like practicing memory games like the card game Memory, playing matching games, reading, playing active games with others, and even looking at pictures. When you take your parent to an Alzheimer's care center, they will participate in many of these activities every day to help increase their memory and reduce the effects of Alzheimer's. 

Community Outings and Games

When your parent is suffering from Alzheimer's, they can feel like they are alone. When your parent goes to an Alzheimer's care center, they will get to participate in group outings and activities to help them socialize and feel more like their normal self. Types of community outings and games include things such as: 

  • Bingo night at the center (working with numbers is a great cognitive exercise)
  • Group painting or pottery classes at the center 
  • Group workout classes at the center with the help of a physical instructor
  • Trips to the local museums
  • Trips to the symphony
  • Trips to the local parks or community gardens

Medical Care and Attention

When you have a parent who has Alzheimer's, you can start worry about their basic needs being met when they are taking care of themselves. In fact, a lot of Alzheimer's patients can forget to do basic things like eat, take medication, or even bathe. When your parent is at an Alzheimer's care center, they will be watched by an experienced medical staff who will:

  • Make sure they are getting enough sleep and that they don't fall out of their bed (sometimes gates are put on the side of their bed to keep them protected)
  • Make sure they brush their teeth, bathe, change into new clothes, and comb their hair everyday
  • Make sure they use the restroom and clean themselves properly 
  • Make sure they eat all meals and drink enough water
  • Make sure they walk around and participate in activities
  • Make sure they take all medication that is needed
  • Make sure they go to cognitive therapy

As you can see, an Alzheimer's care center may be the solution to helping your parent. To learn more, reach out to an Alzheimer's care center near you.