After being sent to the psych ward at a hospital, your loved one has finally come home. But everything may not be as smooth as you might hope for. There are likely some changes that have been made recently that could mean that your loved one is still going to have a bit of a struggle ahead of them, and they may need some help to get through it. This is why you may want to hire a home care nurse for them while they fully recover.

New Medications

Psychological consults in hospitals often change the medication or add new medications to a person's daily repertoire. This is in an effort to help stabilize the patient and to help them to feel better.

Taking their medication every single day as directed is extremely important at this time. Most antidepressants and other psychological drugs don't necessarily start working right away, so sometimes people forget to use them or stop using them thinking that they aren't doing anything. Your home care nurse will ensure that the patient takes what they're supposed to, when they're supposed to, ensuring that they have the best shot at a full recovery.

Unstable Mental State

Unfortunately, adapting to new medications sometimes has downsides. Antidepressants, for example, can have an unpleasant set of side effects as you ease into using them. If your loved one is still struggling to get back to an even footing, this could be a difficult thing for them to go through. 

In addition, your loved one may still not be quite themselves when they come home. Chances are they'll be feeling a lot better, but they may still need some time to fully process everything that's happened and may feel a little unstable during that time. Your home care nurse will ensure that they're taken care of during this time, even if they can't care for themselves.

Getting Help

Lastly, while it's unlikely to happen, your home care nurse will be there if the patient needs help due to a medical emergency. This could be due to a bad reaction to new medication or due to the patient doing something that they shouldn't, like self-harm. Your nurse can help to keep them stabilized until medical help can arrive in the form of an ambulance. This is extremely important.

There's no shame in having a mental breakdown and needing help for it, but there are some complications and difficulties that can arise as a result of it. Make sure that you're ready to give the help that your loved one will need by hiring a home care provider like Care Choice Home Care.