Moving a loved one into assisted living comes with bittersweet feelings. As much as family members would like to care for a parent or grandparent, doing so is sometimes neither wise nor possible. An older person with special needs and medical issues benefits from professional care. Finding the best assisted living home, one that delivers appropriate and affordable care, is a preferable option. However, when the relative must stay in assisted living far away from your residence, things can get a little complicated. You won't be available to visit in-person as much as you'd like. Such a situation becomes stressful for those worried about the relative's health. Taking extra steps both big and small could make the situation more workable.

Inquire about Webcam Feeds

Today, a Wi-Fi capable webcam can create a live stream you could access 24/7. Depending on the webcam service, complete logs of the video feed are stored in the cloud. Pulling up the video feed of your loved one's room could reduce feelings of worry. After all, you can see your relative and see that they're okay. If something seems wrong, you could notify the care facility's front desk. When searching for an assisted living home, ask about policies regarding webcam feeds. Finding one agreeable to your request might not be too difficult.

Hire a Private Medication Transportation Service

Assisted living facilities have policies in place regarding medical emergencies. Some may even maintain affiliations with a local hospital. For relatives with serious medical concerns, having a private medical transport service on standby might be advisable. Medical transport services are, essentially, private ambulances. Medical professionals capable of providing necessary care during a journey to a preferred hospital ride with the patient.

Request Status Reports on Travel-Friendly Days

In certain situations, traveling to your loved one's side becomes unavoidable. Emergencies arise at any time, and you must be ready to travel. Other conditions aren't emergencies, but you might feel it best to visit. Perhaps the relative's accommodations should undergo an upgrade. Maybe a tax issue arises. Regardless of the reason, you'll need to book a flight out of town. Some days of the week may be better to do this than others. So, request the assisted living care facility provides you with updates on mail, messages, and other unforeseen issues on a preferred day. Tuesday, for example, could be appropriate since it would give you enough time to leave an arrive by Thursday. Arriving on Thursday gives you two business days to deal with things.

Don't fret the responsibilities associated with taking extra steps to help your relative. Your better preparedness lends an assist to the already helpful assisted living care arrangement.