If you are preparing to have surgery, you may be looking to select a short term rehabilitation facility to transfer to once your surgery is complete. These facilities help to strengthen and rehabilitate individuals following surgical procedures and illnesses that may have left them weak and unable to care for themselves. As you look into short term rehab centers, you may find that there are many to select from, which may leave you feeling overwhelmed. Focusing on these three factors will hep you hone in on the right rehabilitation facility for you. 

If They Have the Services You Need

First and foremost, pay close attention to what types of services the short term rehabilitation facility offers. Some of the various services that may be offered includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy or nursing care services. Ask your doctor what services you will need following your surgery or procedure and then look for a center that offers those services. This helps to ensure that the center can meet your needs and help you to rehabilitate and head home as quickly as possible. 

The Costs of the Facility

Short term rehabilitation facilities are not cheap. They provide you with access to health care professional, rehabilitation services, boarding, and food. Some facilities are covered by your insurance plan. The ones that are covered may be covered up to different amounts. Other facilities may not be covered at all. As you look to select a short term rehabilitation facility, always carefully consider the cost of the facility, if they work with your insurance company, and what your out of pocket expenses will be at different facilities. 

The Overall Look and Feel of the Facility

The last factor to pay close attention to as you select a short term rehabilitation facility is the overall look and feel of the facility. Before you select a facility, take a tour of it. Some facilities may feel older, worn down, or drab. Others may be clean, bright, and cheery. You will be living in the facility until you are able to go home. As such, you want a facility that meets your needs but also makes you feel comfortable. If a facility is dark and drab, you may feel gloomy while housed inside. As such, select one that has a pleasing overall look and feel to it. 

Selecting a short term rehabilitation facility can be a big decision. Paying close attention to the services they offer, the costs of the facility, and the overall look and feel will help you select a facility that meets your needs and that you feel comfortable in.