Nursing homes have many levels of care, and types of residents. In most cases, immobile patients are found in one wing, often referred to as the "total assist wing." There is also a rehab wing, where people are recuperating from hip and knee surgery, and are only there because they are recuperating and receiving rehab services. The remaining two wings of any nursing home are for the partial assist residents, and the memory care residents. Even among the structure of all nursing homes, however, there are several levels of care. 

Money Makes Life Good

Having money ensures that your life is comfortable, right up to the very end. For the most expensive nursing homes, you can expect multiple luxuries, including private rooms, beauty salons onsite, and free daily rides to the grocery store and shopping centers. Doctors here make house calls, and someone always checks on you to make sure you are okay.

Mid-Grade Affordability

If you do not have enough money for the luxurious living in a pricier nursing home, there are the mid-grade nursing homes. These nursing home facilities have fewer amenities, but they are also more affordable for most retirees and elderly residents. If you can afford a little extra every month, you can have a private room, if there is one available. If not, you will probably have at least one roommate. Nurses check on you during rounds and at shift change.

Medicare Affordability

These are nursing homes that are certified to take Medicare when residents do not have a lot of money or the residents are on a fixed income. In most cases, you have at least one roommate, but more often than not, you have two roommates. There is a common area where everyone takes their meals and can participate in activities such as bingo and range of motion exercises.

A shared shower room for all residents on the same wing is available, and everyone has scheduled shower days so that the nurses can get everyone's showers in during the week. There are typically few to no extra amenities, as these are not covered by Medicare. Only room and board and nursing care are covered.

Screen Nursing Homes Before Choosing One

As with any major decision in life, screen your choices before finalizing your plans. Select the nursing home you can afford, and the one that appeals to you most. If you are an adult child making these choices for an elderly parent, the same guidelines apply.

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