Taking care of a parent that has dementia can be difficult when the condition progresses to a severe stage. If your parent's condition has gotten to the point of him or her wondering away from home, you might want to consider moving him or her to an assisted living community. There are assisted living communities that specialize in helping residents with dementia complications. Your parent might like the living environment and begin to improve if they live in those communities. This article explains a few of the services that might be available to your parent at one of these assisted living homes.

Help with Remembering Important Things

A severe complication that is associated with dementia is memory loss. The problem is sometimes severe to the point of the sufferer forgetting the names and faces of family members. At an assisted living community that helps with dementia, your parent will be encouraged to remember everything that is important in his or her life.

For instance, a nurse might want photos of you and other family members that can be presented to your parent on a regular basis to help him or her remember who everyone is. The nurses can also help your parent with memory care concerning other things, such as birthdays, days of the week, and how to use a television remote control.

Assistance with Daily Necessities

Things that are simple can be complicated for a parent with dementia to do, such as combing his or her hair. The nurses at an assisted living community can help with any of the daily necessities that your parent is unable to take care of on his or her own. Your parent can call for help even for something as simple as brushing his or her teeth. He or she can count on the nurses to assist in a respectful and professional manner. Light cleaning and cooking help might also be services that your parent can take advantage of.

Monitoring to Prevent Wondering Off

Assisted living communities that help dementia patients are great when it comes to preventing their patients from wondering off. Your parent will be monitored on a regular basis by nurses, and there might be several security measures in place. For example, there might be security guards and video surveillance cameras around the assisted living community. You will actually have more free time to do what you want because there will be no need to worry about whether or not your parent is safe.

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